Impact of CellProfiler on human health

Our CellProfiler software has yielded discoveries in several translational projects, some of which may ultimately have a direct impact on the treatment of disease. For example, CellProfiler has been used to identify several small molecules that are effective in treating particular diseases in mouse models. In some cases, discoveries made using CellProfiler have even led to planning clinical trials in humans, which could directly improve patient outcomes. [more details]


Publications, videos, articles, and other press

Purple square Our own descriptions of our work

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Purple square 2019: Anne Carpenter's keynote presentation on imaging and drug discovery at BioImage Informatics in Seattle: [Link to YouTube]

Purple square 2018: The Times Higher Ed published an op-ed by Anne Carpenter about the challenges of funding computational support for biological projects. [Link to Times Higher Education magazine (Page 24)]

Red square 2018: Anne Carpenter quoted about the development of ghost cytometry: [Link to Scientific American article]

Red square 2018: Anne Carpenter featured in the BEST OF ISBI section of Computer Vision News: [Link to Computer Vision News magazine]

Purple square 2018: Anne Carpenter discusses her career path and the personal side of her science: [Link to Broad blog]

Red square 2018: Anne Carpenter quoted in a Nature special feature on deep learning in biology: [Link to Nature article]

Red square 2018: Focus on Recursion Pharma, which uses CellProfiler and Cell Painting from the Carpenter lab (note: Anne Carpenter serves on their Scientific advisory board): [Link to Technology Review article

Red square 2018: Anne Carpenter profiled in Iridescent Learning: [Link to Iridescent Learning article]

Purple square 2017: Anne Carpenter's keynote speech on morphological profiling at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Symposium [Link to YouTube]

Red square 2016: Anne Carpenter profiled in her alma mater's newsletter at the University of Illinois: [Link to PDF]

Red square 2016: Anne Carpenter quoted in NatureJobs blog on career prospects for PhD biologists: [Link to NatureJobs blog]

Red square 2016: Science talks to Anne Carpenter about cell painting and the cytomining hackathon [Link to Science magazine article]

Red square 2015: Anne Carpenter quoted in Nature feature on the need for staff scientist positions in biology: [Link to Nature article]

Purple square 2015: Anne Carpenter's keynote speech on high content morphology profiling at King's College of London in September 2015 [Link to YouTube]

Red square 2015: “Ask the Expert” article featuring Anne Carpenter in Lab Manager [Link to Lab Manager article]

Red square 2015: CellProfiler profiled in “Imaging software targets scientific applications” by VisionSystems Design [Link to VisionSystems Design article]

Red square 2015: CellProfiler ranks as the top fluorescence cell image analysis tool by Journal of Microscopy [Link to JMicrscopy article]

Red square 2015: StressMarq Biosciences lists CellProfiler as one of “5 Free Images Analysis Software Tools for Microscopy” [StressMarq link]

Red square 2015: Article about CellProfiler and interview with Anne Carpenter in GEN magazine [Link to GEN magazine article]

Purple square 2013: Blog post about CellProfiler's identifying features [Link to Broad Institute blog]

Purple square 2013: Slides from Anne's presentation at the Chicago Drug Discovery Consortium Symposium [PDF]

Red square 2013: Article mentioning CellProfiler in The Scientist magazine [The Scientist article link] [PDF]

Purple square 2013: CellProfiler exhibit at SLAS 2013 2nd Annual Conference & Exhibition [PDF of poster]

Red square 2012: Boston Globe article on the best places to work in Boston, featuring Mark-Anthony Bray [Boston Globe link]

Red square 2012: Vimeo video of an interview with Lee Kamentsky, lead CellProfiler developer (Videography credit: Sam Smiley) [Vimeo link]

Purple square 2012: YouTube video of Mark-Anthony Bray describing what it is like to work at the Imaging Platform, including work on CellProfiler [YouTube link]

Purple square 2012: CellProfiler and WormToolbox [Link to Broad Institute news]

Red square 2011: Article mentioning CellProfiler in Bioscience Technology [Bioscience Technology link (Temporarily unavailable)] [PDF]

Purple square 2011: Article describing CellProfiler Analyst [Link to Broad Institute blog]

Purple square 2010: CellProfiler and C. elegans [Link to Broad Institute blog]

Red square 2010: Anne Carpenter's talk on the challenges of visualizing high-throughput cell image data, at the EMBO Workshop of Visualizing Biological Data [Link to video of presentation] [PDF]

Red square 2009: Overview of the CellProfiler project upon receiving Bio-IT 2009 “Best Practices” award [Bio-IT World news article link] [PDF]

Purple square 2008: Anne Carpenter's talk as part of a series that overviews Broad Institute research in non-technical terms, “Broad 101” [.MOV]

Red square 2008: Public television special featuring Anne Carpenter and the CellProfiler team: Bold Visions: Women in Science and Technology [YouTube link (abridged version)]

Red square 2007: Article mentioning CellProfiler in The Scientist, “Lab Tools: Seeing Faster, Seeing Smarter” [PDF]

Purple square 2007: Anne Carpenter's talk to girls at the Museum of Science Women in Research day [.MOV] [RealPlayer]

Red square 2007: Profile of the CellProfiler project team in Biotechniques [PDF]

Red square 2006: Article about CellProfiler project co-founder, Anne Carpenter in Genome Technology: “Imaging Breakthrough by Necessity” [PDF]

Purple square 2006: Slides from Anne Carpenter's presentation about CellProfiler [PDF]

Red square 2005: Article about launch of CellProfiler in BioInform [PDF]

Purple square 2004: Anne Carpenter's talk at Society for Biomolecular Screening conference in Orlando [.MOV]

Red square 2004: Interview of Anne Carpenter on high-content screening in Inside BioAssays [PDF]